JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Myles Jack may only be 23 years old, but he’s wise beyond what’s listed on his birth certificate.  

On Tuesday, the Jaguars linebacker held a back-to-school bowling event for 120 students from the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida and Police Athletic League of Jacksonville.

Myles Back To School Main Event 6 Instagram.jpg

“I wish somebody would’ve told me, 'Myles, you can be a lawyer or doctor,'” said Jack. “All I saw growing up on TV as a kid was watching sports. It’s worked out great for me. It’s been very positive in my life. But I feel like we need more lawyers and doctors. We need more positive influences, especially with most of these kids being minority children. To be able to be heard and tell them that they can accomplish those things is powerful. To give them a chance to feel like they can actually go to school and become something bigger than just a football player or basketball player, that was my goal for this event.”

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