We had an incredible six-week summer program for 2019, where we empowered 2,328 young people, across 17 Clubs, to learn and have fun through educational field trips, theme-based learning projects, and outdoor activities.

Our summer camps provide young people with the daily excitement they crave and thanks to local partnerships with Jacksonville Beach Golf Association, we taught 12 Beaches Boys & Girls Club members the fundamentals of golf, and set them up with golf gear to continue playing the game. Thank you to the University of North Florida’s Golf Complex for opening up their courses!

The safety of our members within and outside of our Clubs is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve partner with Bolles School Sharks and the City of Jacksonville for a second year to promote water safety. Thanks to The Bolles School Sharks Swim Team’s $10,000 donation, raised through their annual TYR BSS 50 swim meet, and access to life guards and swimming pool facilities made possible by the City of Jacksonville, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida was able to send 320 of their summer Club members to six free swimming lessons!

Finally, we were able to provide all our summer camp members a two-day adventure to Camp Deep Pond - our 63-acre outdoor summer camp facility where young people can enjoy a pristine outdoor setting. Members can swim or kayak in the 12-acre lake under the watchful eye of certified life guards, they can learn archery with certified instructors, ride bicycles around the camp loop, and roast marshmallows for a sweet treat. Camp Deep pond is a life-changing camp experience for all young people.

Our after school programs have just begun, and we can’t wait to share all the amazing things our Club members will accomplish! Great Futures Start Here!