A Life-changing camp experience

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida brings thousands of children and teens to Camp Deep Pond every year to experience a broader, colorful outdoor world.

Most of our campers are at-risk inner-city youth, many from single-parent households, that have never experienced camping, fishing, swimming in a lake, or new adventures and team-building activities.



Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida has recently been approached by a group interested in donating approximately 62 acres for a summer camp that would serve inner-city youth. The property is in Hilliard, Florida, which is approximately a one-hour drive from Jacksonville.

The property is zoned for camping, has a 12-acre spring-fed lake, dock, and a prototype cabin. The property is fenced and has water and electric services. The group has nearly a million dollars of infrastructure invested in the property.

The group is wanting to donate the land for free to a non-profit that serves underprivileged youth. Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida is their frontrunner choice as the most appropriate recipient of the land.


The dream is to take 1,500 to 2,000 children and teens each summer to experience a real summer camp in a natural outdoor setting. Our inner-city youth will be exposed to camping, watersports, archery, camp fires, fishing, arts & crafts and more.

Our youth will roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Some will learn how to swim and ride a bicycle. They will play capture the flag, explore and learn about nature, and gain an appreciation for the outdoors in a safe environment. 

Currently, our youth’s exposure to summer camps is limited to a “camp” in the same building where they have been attending afterschool programming all year. Most of the youth we serve come from single-parent households and are on the free and reduced fee lunch program. This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.


Our staff is currently researching best practices for day camps. We are examining startup costs, operating expenses, and additional revenue streams. We believe we can make the summer camp project sustainable long-term if we partner with organizations to use the property during the off-season.

If you are interested in scheduling a preview of the property, please contact Thomas Stinson, Camp Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida at 904-396-4435 or thomass@bgcnf.org.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Jami Houston, 904.396.4435 ext. 107, jamih@bgcnf.org

Darby Stubberfield, 904.396.4435 ext. 105, darbys@bgcnf.org